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September Meeting

Sharon Poarch, Executive Director of the Shelter Home of Caldwell County, was the guest speaker for the September WE meeting. A retired captain for the Lenoir Police Department, Sharon gave WE members tips for personal safety and security. These tips include:Help prevent identity theft by leaving your Social Security Card at home. Keep an eye on your purse at all times. It can be snatched in an instant. Be ready to cancel stolen/lost credit and debit cards by having front and back copies made and kept in a locked box.Do not have your driver license number and phone number on your checks. Be extra observant wherever you go. Pay attention to your surroundings and to people you see.Make eye contact with people so they know you see them.Lock doors while pumping gas.Look around and beneath your car before entering and exiting. Hold your keys in your hands with the key ready to use while walking through the parking lot.Be “hyper vigilant” at all times. Don’t ever let your guard down. Crime is most like to take place in a relaxed surrounding where you least expect it.Sharon also talked about the horror of human trafficking. She said that some prostitutes may actually be victims forced into a type of slavery. This type of activity is likely to go on around truck stops and advised members not to purchase gas at such places. Business SessionPresident Linda Crowder conducted the business session. Members approved the appointment of Judy Mise to the Membership Committee to work with Jennie Cannon and Angel Moretz. Linda presented members with printed nomination forms and supporting information for three (3) individuals for Women of the Year to review. Because she was a nominee, Linda chose to abstain from voting. Treasurer Nancy Martin counted the votes and announced that Linda had been selected Granite Falls Woman of the Year. Linda said that she would notify the nominees and invite them to the WOY reception so we could recognize them, too. Members voted to have the WOY recognition on the regular meeting night, October 22nd. (editor’s note: A few days after the September meeting, Nancy found out that she and Angie Clark had a conflict on October 22nd. Nancy requested that the meeting be moved to October 29th. Linda sent out an inquiry by email, and enough members agreed to the change.)

Sharon Poarch

ENRICHMENT FOR SEPTEMBERPersonal Safety and Security